Capital Bikeshare

System Data

Where do Capital Bikeshare riders go? When do they ride? How far do they go? Which stations are most popular? What days of the week are most rides taken on? We've heard all of these questions since we launched in 2010, and we're glad to provide the data that shows you the answers from our first trip to today.

We invite developers, engineers, statisticians, artists, academics and other interested members of the public to use the data we provide for analysis, development, visualization or whatever else moves you.

This data is provided according to the Capital Bikeshare Data License Agreement.

Trip History Data

Each month, we publish downloadable files of Capital Bikeshare trip data. The data includes:

  • Duration – Duration of trip
  • Start Date – Includes start date and time
  • End Date – Includes end date and time
  • Start Station – Includes starting station name and number
  • End Station – Includes ending station name and number
  • Bike Number – Includes ID number of bike used for the trip
  • Member Type – Indicates whether user was a "registered" member (Annual Member, 30-Day Member or Day Key Member) or a "casual" rider (Single Trip, 24-Hour Pass, 3-Day Pass or 5-Day Pass)
  • This data has been processed to remove trips that are taken by staff as they service and inspect the system, trips that are taken to/from any of our “test” stations at our warehouses and any trips lasting less than 60 seconds (potentially false starts or users trying to re-dock a bike to ensure it's secure).

NOTE: The 3-Day Membership replaced the 5-Day Membership in Fall 2011

Real-Time Data

Capital Bikeshare publishes real-time system data in General Bikeshare Feed Specification format.

Expansion Plan Data

Capital Bikeshare conducted a development plan survey every few years to assess usage trends and expansion plans. The proposed expansion plan is available to download as a KML file.

Member Surveys
Capital Bikeshare conducts biannual membership surveys to assess how people use the system and what impact it has on their lives and our communities. The results and reports from these surveys are available below:

Updated on December 6, 2016.